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Graduation Semester and Year

Spring 2024



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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems


Information Systems and Operations Management

First Advisor

Dr. Sridhar Nerur

Second Advisor

Dr. Mahyar Sharif Vaghefi

Third Advisor

Dr. Douglas Grisaffe


The first essay explores the relationship between IT investments and corporate sustainability, emphasizing the cultural milieu within which these investments transpire. While IT investments can drive efficiency, they can adversely affect sustainability. The research suggests that diversity and integrity are vital for sustainability, advocating for integration into strategic decision-making. However, it also reveals agility’s potential downside, indicating a need for businesses to balance rapid change with sustainability objectives. The findings call for a strategic reassessment of IT investments in harmony with an organization’s cultural and sustainability framework, guiding companies toward sustainable technological advancement. The second essay expands the narrative by delving into the correlations among board gender diversity, organizational agility, and sustainability within the IT sector, employing Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE) to afford a comprehensive analysis. This methodological approach enables a nuanced understanding of the temporal and cross-sectional variability in the data, offering a more granular perspective on the interdependencies at play. The findings illustrate that gender diversity on corporate boards acts as a catalyst for enhanced sustainability practices, yet its effectiveness is intricately linked with the organization’s agility. This essay illustrates that the interplay between board diversity and organizational agility is complex, with agility serving as a critical moderating factor that neutralizes or weakens the positive effects of board gender diversity on various dimensions of sustainability. Collectively, these essays contribute a sophisticated analysis of the existing body of knowledge on IT investment, corporate culture, gender diversity, and sustainability. They highlight the essential consideration of advocating for a holistic strategy that synergizes technological, cultural, and diversity initiatives to advance sustainable outcomes. The findings from both essays offer profound insights for academicians and industry practitioners, emphasizing an integrated approach to leveraging organizational culture and gender diversity for sustainable company development.


Sustainability, IT investment, Board gender diversity, Agility, Diversity, Integrity, Culture, ESG


Management Information Systems | Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods

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