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Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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John Priest


The author desired to create a method organizing the concepts from Lean, Six Sigma, critical business processes, and simplifying the usage of these concepts to identify Lean Six Sigma Critical Business Processes. Inspired by Laura Meade (1997) and the author's passion concerning process improvements, this research was created. Lean activities eliminate waste, Six Sigma activities eliminate variation, critical business processes focus on those areas that need improvement and are critical to the process, and Analytical Network Process (ANP) models problems considering the interactions between levels. There is value for all companies to implement at least one of these tools. Since the author understands joining these concepts will definitely improve manufacturing facilities, this document identifies Lean Six Sigma Critical Business Processes and its impact to the business. The objectives of this dissertation are: 1) use Laura Meade's procedure to identify the critical business processes, 2) develop an assessment method for companies to identify high priority Lean Six Sigma processes, and 3) create an evaluation tool for configuring Lean Six Sigma Critical Business Processes. In order to met these objectives, the following tasks are completed: 1) identify capabilities that support the vision, 2) determine the core ratings, 3) recognize the performance levels, 4) select the critical processes, 5) decide the Lean Six Sigma process rating, 6) place the Lean Six Sigma worthy processes into an Analytical Network Process model to analyze the process enablers, and 7) conduct cost / benefit analysis for Lean Six Sigma Critical Business Process implementation. From this research, a guide is created for manufacturing companies to identify Lean Six Sigma Critical Business Processes using Analytical Network Process (ANP). This will assist companies in their improvements generating both time and money savings.


Engineering | Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington