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Organizations employ Lessons Learned Systems (LLS) to manage knowledge and capture valuable project experiences to improve future performance. However, the construction industry has yet to adopt such systems widely, presumably due to its sluggish tech integration and risk-prone characteristics. Of the numerous fragmented obstacles that impede LLS adoption, one noteworthy obstacle would be the challenge faced during the text documentation of experiences. Traditional text inputs are labor-intensive and time- consuming. Hence, video documentation can be a more efficient replacement with its quick and modern recording features. The technological advancement and the preference shift of younger generations from text to video highlight the potential of video documentation. This paper focuses on identifying the status quo of LLS and conducting a multidisciplinary study on video documentation to validate it as a preferable alternative. The results of this study will contribute to advancements in knowledge capture in LLS using videos.


Construction Engineering and Management

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Kyeong Rok Ryu, Ph.D.


I want to acknowledge my mentor, Kyeong Rok Ryu, Ph.D., for his invaluable time and support throughout my research. He directed me in the right direction every time I struggled. I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Rebekah Chojnacki for always being supportive. She was the biggest reason I was able to complete my research in time because of her draft due dates for different chapters and other submittals. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge my parents for always encouraging me through this journey. Having them by my side gave me immense confidence in my abilities to fulfill this goal of finishing my research.


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