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The rapid advancement of A The rapid proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various sectors highlights its transformative potential, yet its integration into educational settings raises ethical concerns, particularly regarding its misuse by students. This study conducts a detailed sentiment analysis and systematic literature review to examine the diverse perspectives on AI within education, from both academic and non-academic viewpoints. Utilizing advanced data mining tools to analyze sentiments and trends, this research reveals a complex landscape where optimism about AI’s capabilities is tempered by concerns over ethical implications and potential misuse. The findings contribute to the dialogue on leveraging AI to enhance educational integrity and effectiveness, proposing a framework for its responsible implementation. The findings of iv this research contribute significantly to the ongoing dialogue about AI in education, suggesting that while AI can enhance educational integrity and effectiveness, it also necessitates careful oversight to prevent ethical breaches and ensure equitable use. This study not only enriches the academic community's understanding of AI's potential benefits and pitfalls but also proposes a framework for its responsible implementation in educational settings, aimed at optimizing both student outcomes and pedagogical practices.


Business Analytics | Business Intelligence | Management Information Systems | Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Portfolio and Security Analysis | Technology and Innovation

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Anil Singh



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