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This honors thesis capstone project explores the concept of an employee’s sense of belonging within a busy work environment. A department within ABC Company faces operational challenges regarding their daily tasks. The Honors contribution addresses the comparison between the busy work environment at ABC Company and existing literature to provide scholarly-supported recommendations and mitigation strategies for ABC Company. Existing literature underscores the importance of understanding contributing influences on an employee’s sense of belonging within the workplace. The honors contribution adds value by closing the information gap within companies that operate under a busy work environment and strategies of how to establish an employee sense of belonging within the busy environment. The methodology involves using a survey to capture employee feedback regarding their work environments with an emphasis on influences that contribute to employee sense of belonging as supported by existing literature.


Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Industrial Engineering

Publication Date

Spring 5-2024



Faculty Mentor of Honors Project

Jamie Rogers, Shernette Kydd


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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