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Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, a method for storing and retrieving data through electromagnetic transmission to an RFID tag, is revolutionizing inventory and asset management in various sectors, including healthcare. This research explores the applications of RFID in a medical setting. It assesses various RFID readers and tags, focusing on their functional capabilities, ranges, and limitations within a medical environment. Employing a comprehensive approach, the study integrates an extensive literature review, comparative analysis, and empirical data from both experimental simulations and real-world healthcare scenarios. The aim is to identify RFID solutions that optimize surgical equipment management, thereby enhancing both operational efficiency and patient safety. This research is crucial for understanding how RFID technology can meet the unique challenges of healthcare settings, offering vital insights into its effective use in critical areas like surgical departments. The outcomes are expected to significantly contribute to the advancement of RFID applications in medical environments, prioritizing accuracy, inventory management, sterility, and patient care.


Computer Engineering | Computer Sciences

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Faculty Mentor of Honors Project

Dr. Christopher Conly


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Christopher Conly for his invaluable guidance, unwavering support, and insightful mentorship throughout the duration of this project. His expertise and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of our research and ensuring its successful completion. Additionally, I extend my heartfelt thanks to my dedicated senior design team members for their collaborative efforts, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Their contributions have significantly enriched the project and made this endeavor a truly rewarding experience. Together, we have navigated challenges, celebrated successes, and forged lasting bonds that I will cherish for years to come. Thank you, Dr. Conly, and my esteemed team members, for your invaluable contributions and unwavering support.


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