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The Russian writer Ivan Shmelyov (1872-1950) is acclaimed not only in Russia, but also widely throughout Europe for his novels, short stories, and fairytales written with a marked depth of meaning, beauty, and expression. He wrote and published throughout his entire life ~ from the pre-revolutionary years in Russia, into the years of the Revolution, and eventually as an émigré in Europe. Although Shmelyov is celebrated throughout Russia and Europe both in academic and public circles, he is little known to the American people, and English-speaking peoples. In academic circles, scholarship on Shmelyov in the English language is extremely limited. Many of his works remain inaccessible to English speakers. The Mercy of Saint Seraphim (1934), an autobiographical sketch illustrating a miracle in the life of the writer, is numbered among these and, in this work, made available for the first time in English.


Arts and Humanities | Modern Languages | Russian Literature | Slavic Languages and Societies

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English and Russian

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Iya Price and Scott Palmer



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