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Beetroot juice has become a very popular supplement to try to improve cardiorespiratory fitness. Beetroot juice contains nitrates which is converted in body into nitric oxide, a vasodilator. This allows for more blood flow to exercising muscles. Many studies have been conducted to see if beetroot supplementation will affect performance and cardiorespiratory parameters during different types of exercise. However, much of the literature has conflicting results. For this study, seven articles were examined to determine if acute beetroot supplementation will affect oxygen consumption and exercise performance of active individuals during submaximal exercise. Of these studies, most of them did see a significant reduction in oxygen cost during the submaximal exercise but did not see any improvements in exercise performance after beetroot supplementation. v Based on these results, beetroot juice has the ability to decrease oxygen consumption but does improve exercise performance during submaximal exercise.


Exercise Science

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Judy R. Wilson


I would first like to thank my mentor, Dr. Wilson. I want to thank her for dedicating so much of her time to helping me with this project. Her expertise was invaluable to me. Without her, this project would not have been possible. I would also like to thank the Kinesiology department as whole. Throughout my academic career, I was able to learn more and more about the research process from each one of my professors. This knowledge was very useful to me in completing this project. Next, I would like to thank Dr. Rebekah Chojnacki. Her encouragement helped motivate me until the very end of this project. Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for their endless support. Without it, I would not have been able to make it to this point in my academic career.


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