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The Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) protects consumer financial privacy and limits what information can be disclosed by a financial institution to non-affiliated third parties. In accordance with the GLBA, the FTC is required to enforce the Privacy of Consumer Financial Information Rule. This thesis uses information from scholarly peer-reviewed articles and reports on compliance standards in storing consumer non-public data and data breaches to depict the current impact of information security compliance in the financial sector. Supported by statistics and quantitative analysis in the areas of cybersecurity laws and industry standards that promote the due diligence of compliance efforts in protecting the privacy rights of consumers, I plan to use Python programming language to create charts to represent the amount of damages individual companies have faced from lack of compliance with the GLBA, and how the cyber-attacks were conducted. A specific discussion based on the analysis will assess whether compliance standards and laws are keeping pace with the requirements for consumer data protection systems. I will also discuss the need for future due diligence, compliance, laws, and industry standards.


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Scott Johnson, Andrew Clark


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