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‘Sakuga’ is colloquially known to be a style of Japanese animation (anime) characterized by dynamism, fluidity, and attention to detail. It helps to make a scene livelier, more realistic, and exciting, and is typically used for action scenes. With RETAS Studio being the industry-standard 2D animation software in Japan, its Western counterpart, Toon Boom Harmony, does not see much use in the anime industry. This project attempts to create a short sakuga animation of a dragonfly using Harmony. The dragonfly’s trajectory is initially mapped out in the software, followed by sketches of the key frames defining its movement. The in-between frames are then sketched out while making sure there are enough images to achieve a fluid “sakuga” aesthetic. A motion blur effect is used for the background to convey the speed at which the insect is flying. The end result is compared to existing examples of sakuga animation, and it is evident that the effect is achievable using modern Western industry-standard software.

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