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With the growing development of self-driving vehicles, the issue of passenger discomfort due to noise pollution has infiltrated the automobile industry. The computer driving these vehicles requires multiple fans to maintain optimal temperatures. To reduce the noise level created by the fans, this senior design team was tasked with developing a sound dampening solution that can be implemented to the computer superstructure while maintaining aesthetics, functionality, and accessibility for repair of the computer. This extended project was performed to investigate the sound absorption properties of open and closed cell materials that could then be used to create a solution. The sound absorption coefficients of neoprene foam, charcoal eggcrate foam, and cork were found using a self-made 2-microphone impedance tube and Simcenter Testlab. Thickness variations and material combinations were also tested. The results show that the open cell charcoal foam absorbs the most noise while the closed cell neoprene foam absorbs the least noise.

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