Katia Lopez

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Honors Thesis


The problem of inefficient machinery in industries affects overall production and can cause significant errors. The Human Assistance for Robot Arm (HAFRA) project consists of a Universal Robot, specifically the UR5, an Intel RealSense depth camera, and software programs. The robot receives a position from the computer vision program, which uses the camera to detect an AruCo tag, and then suctions the envelopes from a conveyor belt and places them into a bin. The project also includes human assistance, which allows remote picking by an operator. A human is able to view an image and use the mouse cursor to select a pixel coordinate. This coordinate is converted to a real-world position and sent to the robot so it can continue picking. Human assistance increased the robot’s performance and achieved a success rate of nearly 100%. Industries with product lines can use HAFRA to optimize their tasks with precision.

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