Cindy N. Ledat

Document Type

Honors Thesis


This study examined the role that local non-profit organizations play in bridging the gap to mental healthcare services in historically Black communities. With a focus on the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, semi-structured interviews were gathered from participants working for local non-profit organizations, specifically those that connect the community to mental health services. Utilizing a phenomenological approach to qualitative analysis, the key themes that emerged were those of combatting shame, building trust, and engaging with community stakeholders. Additionally, there were themes of helplessness in the face of systemic barriers as well as empathy towards a participant’s cultural community. Though there were significant limitations to this study, the results suggest that current organizations advocating for mental health in Oak Cliff stress the importance of consistent and multi-faceted strategic approaches. It also suggests significant limitations on the impact of such organizations without active support and participation from community stakeholders.

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