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Honors Thesis


Bicycling offers great benefits for cities including sustainable, efficient, and affordable transportation, improved health and wellness, and creating vibrant communities. Universities offer a good starting point for young adults to form sustainable transportation habits. This study explores how the University of Texas at Arlington’s community perceives existing bike infrastructure, services, and amenities on campus and off-campus to create a well-connected and safe bike network. An online survey was used to collect feedback from students and employees on commuting patterns, cycling experience and barriers, perceived safety on various bike facilities, and suggestions. Based on survey responses, a bike network analysis was created to project expanded connections to the University and Downtown Arlington. The research findings indicate the top barriers in cycling include unsafe driver behavior, disconnected bike lanes, and lack of secure bike parking. Perceived safety increased among respondents with the addition of buffers and separation from cars. Most respondents show interest in traveling to Downtown Arlington destinations by bike and would bike more frequently if desired bike facilities were implemented.

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Ariadna Reyes-Sanchez



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