Jasmine Hyder

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more popular with the continuous introduction of newer and more capable technology. Specifically, VR educational simulations can provide training on complex situations that may be difficult to carry out in real life. In an attempt to improve the quality of end-of-life care knowledge among nursing students, a VR simulation is in development that presents related scenarios nurses may face. Rigorous testing of this simulation is essential to produce effective results that separates itself from 2D simulations or other educational methods. A testing framework and plan is proposed here that can be extended to future VR educational simulations. Methods to validate the use and execution of VR are analyzed. A description of how the test plan was developed is also given. By testing VR simulations robustly, VR technology will be more successful in predicting positive learning outcomes and therefore transitioning to this new technology will be convincing and worth it.

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