Will Chen

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Honors Thesis


Motivated from lung cancer study data, we consider a model �� = �� + ��, where �� is an observable variable and �� is a hidden variable contaminated in �� with a measurement error ��. Such a model can also apply to studies in microfluorimetry, electrophoresis, biostatistics, and some other fields, where the measurements �� cannot be observed directly. The objective of this project is to estimate the hazard rate of the unobservable survival time �� in a lung cancer study. Assuming the additive measurement error �� has a known distribution, we combine deconvolution kernel density estimation and inverse-probability- of-censoring weighting methods to formulate a nonparametric hazard rate estimator based on random right-censored observations of ��, when the distribution of �� is unknown. Simulation studies show that the estimator performs well when sample sizes are relatively large.

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