Alexis Jones

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Honors Thesis


Social and environmental factors are important determinants of physical activity (PA) and childhood obesity. The purposes of this study were to 1) explore associations of social-demographics (i.e., ethnicity, social-economic status [SES], gender), PA, sedentary behavior (SB), and BMI percentile with social/built environment and 2) explore SES disparities in environmental determinants of health. This cross-sectional study recruited 40 preschoolers (Mage=3.55 years; 75% girls; 17.5% low SES; 30% Hispanic; 10% overweight/obese). Parent-report surveys measured social-demographics, PA outcomes, and social/built environment. Results indicated higher SES children engaged in more PA and less SB than low-SES peers. SES significantly associated with PA, obesity, crime safety, inside space, stimulation variety, and fine and gross motor toys (r’s range from -0.5 to 0.57; p<.05). Obesity significantly associated with inside space (r=-.54; p<.05). MANCOVA analyses revealed significant SES effects on perceived neighborhood safety and inside space toward PA (p>.05). Culture-specific interventions are needed among underserved children.

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Samantha Moss



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