Matthew Koithan

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Honors Thesis


A frequent problem with rotating machinery is vibration. Vibration in a rotating part can be caused by unequal mass distribution. A sound or acoustic wave is created by a pattern or disturbances traveling through a medium. Vibration and Acoustics can be dealt with individually, however, if they share a common source, both could be solved simultaneously. The purpose of this project is to correlate the fan noise to the rotor imbalance. The unbalanced mass can be removed by aligning the center of gravity (CG) with the axis of rotation, which eliminates any coupled moments. The vibration is measured using accelerometers and the noise is measured with microphones. Simcenter TestLab hardware and software were used to analyze the signals before and after the balancing of the fan. The vibration and noise level of the fan is expected to decrease after the rotor is properly balanced.

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Yawen Wang



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