Joseph Johnson

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Honors Thesis


The VECTR Stair Climbing Robot team has designed a product to take loads up a stairway in a safe manner. This device carries the load in a basket. The basket’s rotation is impeded by a set of parallel rotational dampers. This setup is sufficient to retard the oscillation of the load about its point of equilibrium, but is passive and slow to respond. As such, a system was designed to actively control the load orientation. This system will use a sensor to measure change in angle and adjust the load to keep it stable. This system provided a tangible decrease in response time in comparison to the current passive system, and consisted of three basic elements: a circuit mounted gyroscope; a processor with the ability to interpret data from said sensor and issue a command in response; and a brushed DC motor. A mathematical model of the problem was proven, and a control system established as an approximation of the physical system. The final result was a physical model of the system demonstrating the viability of the concept.

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