Autumn Morgan

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Honors Thesis


This project was designed to provide an optimal learning tool for future students in Human Physiology and Anatomy & Physiology by creating a visual representation of physiological processes. The task was to create two educational videos detailing the processes that take place within the human reproductive system. One video would be dedicated to the female reproductive system and the other would cover the male reproductive system. To pursue this project, the exact details to include in this video had to be discussed and outlined to create a script for the audio recording. Once the script was created and approved, a screen recording app was used to record both the visual drawings that happened on Microsoft Whiteboard and the audio from the mic on the Microsoft Surface Pro being used. The videos were edited on the Microsoft Video Editor and sent to Dr. Pollock for approval. These videos will be posted in Canvas for future Human Physiology and Anatomy & Physiology students to use as supplementary material to study. The videos will also be posted on YouTube for all students to access to help with the success in the courses they are taking. The goal is to increase the success of students in courses that require the details of the human reproductive systems.

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