Alaina Williams

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Honors Thesis


This research project investigates the severity of hardship and adversity health care professionals are facing during the COVID 19 pandemic. The aim is to understand how working during this outbreak has posed physiological and psychological threats to nurses. This study uses a mixed method design with an online survey/questionnaire. Potential participants were contacted monthly via email over 6 months to share their thoughts and feelings regarding working during the COVID-19 epidemic. The survey obtained demographic data, and measures of the participants’ self-perception of personal health and wellness. Additionally there were open-ended questions to obtain the perspective of the participants about their experiences. The findings of the study conclude that nurses are enduring stress, anxiety, fear, and significant hardships in their nursing experiences while working through COVID-19. Nurses need emotional and physical resources to help them navigate these challenges. A call to attention of these unvoiced struggles is warranted and necessary.

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