Janise Miescke

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Honors Thesis


With the prevalence of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in service members, there is little research on how this injury affects a service member holistically, including the family. This Qualitative Interpretive Meta-Synthesis sought to answer the question: how does existing literature depict the changes in the family after the service member sustains a TBI? Using qualitative methods, this study examined the original themes individually drawn from the literature of the eight existing articles on the topic. Then, methodically and with triangulation, finds overarching themes among the eight studies from the existing literature. Finding overarching themes helps to shed light on what individual researchers may or may not have found within their findings. This study helps to synergize information to create a web of knowledge. This study can provide help for people who may be going through TBI-related experiences themselves and are seeking to find information and commonalities within their life. This study also provides Social Work practitioners and educators on how to care for the military population and their loved ones.

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