David Nguyen

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Honors Thesis


Zinc, one of the most abundant minerals on earth may be the answer to protecting the heart from damage and malfunction. It has been found that supplementing the heart with zinc-ionophore during Ischemia/Reperfusion(I/R) injury can prevent the heart from damage. As it was found that during a heart attack, intracellular zinc levels were low as compared to the control. Thus, to deliver zinc more effectively to the heart we had two questions: Which zinc channel(s) or transporter(s) is involved in the reduction of intracellular zinc? Can enhancing such an intrinsic protein, instead of using side effectsprone zinc ionophore, protect the heart from I/R injury? Thus, it is necessary to identify the mechanistic factors regulating cardiac zinc homeostasis. A real-time PCR experiment was done to detect the mRNA SLC5A3 to see if there was any zinc homeostasis expressed in Zebrafish if they can be a good candidate for other experiments. There was indeed a relationship between the channel and zinc homeostasis. An MTT assay test was also performed to study if the addition of zinc had any effect during ischemia reperfusion injury conditions. Finally, a western blot was done to detect SLC5A3 protein.

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