Abigayle Brooks

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Honors Thesis


Hispanics and Latinos form the largest group of immigrants but compared to other immigrant groups, they have some of the highest poverty rates. Despite these obstacles, full-time employment has been shown to be one of the greatest factors associated with lowering poverty. This study carried out a cross-sectional survey of representatives from social service organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area to examine the prevalence of services that promote greater full-time employment among Latino immigrants. Most participants reported the provision of employment services at their organization, followed by welfare- and family-related services. Educational services were the least prevalent category of services reported. Lack of funding or staff was the most common reason a desired service was not provided, closely followed by that service being outside of the organization’s normal scope. Lack of citizenship and transportation were also believed to be barriers to Latino immigrant employment. The results of this study suggest that non-profit organizations may benefit from providing more job training programs, entrepreneurship counseling, and childcare services. Various strategies were also recommended to help organizations overcome transportation issues and increase the accessibility of services at their organization.

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