Cristian Garces

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Honors Thesis


Screw/fastener identification has been an issue that most technicians/mechanics have faced in their lifetimes. What kind of screw is it? Metric, Imperial, M5 13 mm, or ¾ inch? Without the proper tools (such as a screw gauge, calipers, rulers, etc.), this process may take a significant amount of time to identify screws. What this project aims to achieve is to develop a cheap and simple application that can quickly identify screw types. This is achieved simply by taking a picture of a screw and wait as the software identifies the necessary information without the hassle of doing anything by hand. Once the screw is identified, it will give the user metrics detailing the screw’s specifications (thread pitch, width, metric/imperial, etc.). Hopefully, not only will this improve the quality of work of technicians and workers alike but also inspire further development in this practically untouched field.

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