Ali Mohamedi

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Honors Thesis


Drug delivery is an essential part to treating patients, especially those who have cancer. While many treatments include conventional delivery of anti-tumor drugs through intravenous administration, a large growing field has come in the form of nano-scale drug carriers. These drug carriers are usually produced through tedious batches in large scale batches. In this project the production of nanoscale drug carriers is shown to be automated through microfluidic devices. In addition, the nanoscale carriers are shown to be conjugated with targeting factors and purified through a unique separation method. The device will include microchannels made from Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) material in a soft lithography process. While such feats have been achieved before, it has yet not been shown that efficient antibody surface capture can be done through PDMS. In this project, a novel, cost efficient, and practical sized microfluidic device, which is designed to synthesize, and separate drug carriers has been developed as an alternative to drug carrier atomization. Through this research study it shown how different surface modifications in PDMS can affect the efficacy of separation of targeted drug carriers.

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