Dena Kamel

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Honors Thesis


Coral pathogens have been causing irreversible damage to the coral communities all around the world. Specific genera of bacteria like Vibrio have been studied throughout the years, however, researchers continue to find new species. Some pathogens’ biofilm formation ability negatively impacts the corals. We attempted to optimize the biofilm assay in a specific species Vibrio coralliilyticus in order to learn more about the conditions and variables that affect biofilm formation and to develop a set of conditions that the pathogen deems as ideal. The immediate goal of this research is to be able to quantify biofilm and find factors that affect its formation. Once we have this information, we want to find out if it is possible to disrupt these harmful biofilms using coral compounds. This is necessary for understanding host defense mechanisms against biofilm, which will also help in the advancement of this research and its future application to coral diseases.

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