Ashish Mainali

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Honors Thesis


Komodo is an open source blockchain server that is available to developers. However, different developers have preference over different languages. As an emerging blockchain technology, it is imperative to have the technology available across different medias available to the world. Application Program Interface are translator programs which work between two different technologies used by using a common language used by both sides. In the case of Komodo blockchain, Hyper Text Transport Protocol (abbreviated as HTTP). Komodo Rust Application Program Interface (API) is a bridge program that Rust developers can use to communicate with the Komodo blockchain node using HTTP through the internet. The problem with the current model was that Komodo had APIs for popular languages like C, C++, Python, Java, etc. However, there was no API available for Rust programming language. As Rust is an emerging technology currently in top ten list of most popular languages, it was very imperative to provide the Rust developers with the tools to connect with Komodo blockchain for fast, secure and efficient communication. The API is available to download using a package manager for Rust. Adding the API will decrease the complexity of setting up the connection with Komodo server and increase productivity. The security of the API makes it attractive to the blockchain and Rust developers. The API is then demonstrated using an app called KPay which is an online web wallet management program. KPay uses the Komodo Rust API to communicate with the Komodo server. For the demonstration purposes, a crypto currency named Kenny Coins was introduced in the Komodo blockchain software to perform the transactions in KPay application.

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