Sophie Soueid

Document Type

Honors Thesis


A driver library in the C programming language was developed to interface between the iRobot Create® 2 Programmable Robot’s command functions and the MSP432P401R via Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART). This allows for quick and simple development of microcontroller control over the Create 2’s command functions. It utilizes information from the iRobot Open Interface to reduce the complicated series of data in the form of arrays that have to be sent to the iRobot microcontroller down to individual functions. The driver that interfaces between these two devices greatly increases the ease of access to hobbyist programmers using the Create 2 and MSP432P401R. This driver is written in the C programming language, and so it can be used in any project that uses either C or C++ as its coding language for the primary functions. The project has been published on for public use.

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