Makenna Aldrich

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Honors Thesis


This paper analyzes the C-Suite of the top ten Fortune 500 companies in order to identify if Hispanics are still facing the problem of job discrimination, or the glass ceiling, in the workplace. In order to evaluate this information, the ethnicities and races of the individuals in these companies were compared. The C-Suite was separated into three groups, the executive management team, board of directors, and CEOs. The results showed that White men still hold a majority of the positions, with White women holding the second-highest numbers of these positions. As for future implications, research should include expanding the number of companies included in the study and addressing the boundaries for classifying each person in each position in order to be more specific. Furthermore, investigating the main customer base of each company, and how that compares with each company’s top-level decision makers may bring further insight into the issue of representation in these companies.

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