Amber Mullenax

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Honors Thesis


Birthmothers can experience long-term issues long after placing their child for adoption including mental health issues, separation grief, sadness, anger, depression, suicidality, and anxiety. The lack of services post-adoption could be detrimental to their overall health. The objective of this study was to learn what adoption agencies provided to birthmothers post-adoption, and to learn if the services provided are meeting best-practice recommendations. The desired sample consists of a population of fifty adoption agencies in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex. The sampling frame used to construct the population consisted of “adoption agencies” and “Dallas-Fort Worth” keywords. A survey was used that provided the adoption agency with some multiple choice and open-ended questions concerning services being offered to birthmothers post-adoption. Data were collected through website searches, phone interviews, and e-mails. The findings from this research study illuminate what is being offered to birthmothers post-adoption by adoption agencies regarding their mental health.

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