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The updated gas control panel to be installed at the Aerodynamics Research Center (ARC) will better suit the needs for testing for the new national-level hypersonic research facility. An update was needed due to the previous system being a few decades old. However, the control panel was modeled similarly to that of the older system with different specifications and less parts. The panel contains the following parts: adapters, ball valves, pneumatic valves, bonnet valves, solenoid valves, spring actuators, pressure transducers, thermocouples, piping, pressure gauges, a dome regulator, an electronic pressure regulator, relief valves, and a sonic flow nozzle. The gas control panel was modeled to meet the following criteria: cost efficiency, flow rate regulation, and pressure regulation. The criterion for this gas control was to take in pressures of 2400 psi and reduce the pressure down to less than 75 psi.

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