Tiffany Nguyen

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Honors Thesis


Cellphones are ubiquitous in today’s world with varying purposes from work to education to entertainment, etc. These devices are essentially handheld computers with added functionality through mobile applications, or apps. A great majority of these applications are cleverly marketed as “free” apps, and yet the app industry as a whole is a multi-billion dollar industry. This project serves to identify points of concern to casual and heavy spenders of mobile applications by finding what values and features consumers place in apps that compel the urge to spend. The study is separated into two major parts: an indepth analysis of the various models of app monetization and a statistical analysis of cell phone users’ experiences with these models. In the first section, this study will analyze the marketing tactics of mobile apps, comparing the different strategies of app monetization. This will be achieved by studying how each strategy earns revenue and how effective they are. In the second segment, this thesis will perform F-test and post-hoc tests, methods of evaluating survey data, on surveys conducted on students at the University of Texas at Arlington as well as mobile gaming communities. This will ascertain if there is any statistical correlation to the data found in the research.

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