Nowmi Haider

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Honors Thesis


The goal of this project is to create a cancer trap that can be able to trap cancer cells by attracting them with slow-releasing cytokines that are loaded on a gel inside of the cancer trap. This will be used on patients who have metastatic cancer or when the cancer cells are starting to spread in other parts of the body. The cancer trap will be a cylindrical scaffold that is porous to let cells in. How the cancer trap will work is when it is placed in the body, there will be an inflammatory response, attracting immune cells and cytokines to the cancer trap. Also, the cancer trap can have other cytokines, like erythropoietin, included in it as well. These all can lure cancer cells, which are looking for these types of cytokines since they make a suitable environment for them. So the cancer cells will start migrating to the cancer trap and will stay inside since they will have their basic needs from the gel (which has nutrients) and because of the cytokine attracting it. The cancer trap itself is being monitored, so it can be seen how many cells are coming into the trap. Once the cancer cells are in the trap, they can be killed by chemotherapy or radiation or be removed for diagnosis. Multiple designs of the cancer trap will be made on SolidWorks, a 3D design software. The designs will then be printed on a 3D printer with PLA filament. They will all be tested for reproducibility on the 3D printer and for their porosity. Then the best trap will be chosen based on those criteria and will be used in future applications.

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