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Consumer electronics are more widely penetrating society every day and there is always a strong demand to keep them powered. The constant user demands make it critical that energy storage always be available and that its users always know how much energy they have left in their battery. Lithium-ion batteries are the most widely deployed type of energy storage today due to their high combined power and energy density. While they bring with them incredible convenience, they also bring challenges with respect to regulating their power and ensuring they are operated safely. Power electronic buck and boost converters, respectively, are most often used to regulate a battery’s voltage and active control of those converters is a challenge that is always being studied for improvement. The energy storage module being designed here is intended to be used as storage within a larger power system architecture. It is required that it be able to both be recharged from and dischargeable onto a power bus within that architecture safely. In the work performed and documented here, a controller has been developed to autonomously regulate two commercially procured power electronic converters that are intended to safely charge and discharge, respectively, a lithium-ion battery. In addition to regulating the battery power, the controller also provides the user with feedback on how much charge is remaining in the battery, also known as its state of charge (SoC) and how much the battery has aged through repeated use, also known as its state of health (SoH). The battery is packaged in a lightweight enclosure that is able to be transported by the user. The electronic design carried out will be discussed along with its execution.

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