Arnav Garg

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Honors Thesis


The traditional computer mouse is unable to provide as high a level of productivity and efficiency in workflow for three-dimensional virtual objects as it provides for twodimensional virtual objects. With the rise in three-dimensional virtual objects in Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies, the need for a more user-friendly and convenient user interface device is now an inescapable necessity. ‘GloveLet’ is a wearable glove that is designed to be used as a user interface device for three-dimensional as well as two-dimensional object movements. It is conceptualized to be lightweight, comfortable and able to be used in work for long periods of time. It has a minimalistic yet robust design. To achieve maximum reliability and simplicity, it will normalize the data to best suit the user and apply multiple filters to catch false negatives and false positives. This will allow fewer possible points of failure in the design.

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