Misbah Ahmed

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Honors Thesis


This study examined project-based learning, a teaching methodology that requires students to work collaboratively in order to solve an authentic, real-world problem that is driven by inquiry. Of particular interest was the relationship between the implementation of project-based learning and standardization. Due to the student-driven nature of project- based learning, the methodology contains many instructional components and requires a great a deal of planning from teachers. This can pose a challenge to teachers in an era in which standardized testing is a primary focus in schools and teachers must manage benchmark testing and test preparation, in addition to day-to-day instructional activities. A project-based learning questionnaire was obtained from a previous study and was coded into the Qualtrics Survey System. The questionnaire was sent out to all fifty-six faculty members at a Texas project-based learning middle school, and the responses were coded for themes. The results showed that teachers had a generally negative perception of project- based learning. Lack of time, meeting all state accountability requirements, and fitting all state standards were found to be among the biggest challenges when implementing project- based learning. There seemed to be a relationship between teaching core subjects and having a negative perception of project-based learning. This may indicate that standardized testing in the core subjects may play role in teachers’ perceptions of PBL. A positive relationship was found between the perceived most challenging components of PBL and their association with standardization. This may have led to the possibility that, due to the instructional schedules created around standardization, it was more difficult to implement PBL while making sure all standards were met.

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