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This guide is a companion paper to 2018’s Optimization of the Internal Topology and Sizing for Thin-Walled Aircraft Structures – A Design and Production Guideline for Fused Deposition Modeling and covers the methodology behind optimization in HyperWorks, specifically: topology, free-sizing, free-shape, and topography optimization. The guide includes a comprehensive summary of anything that someone attempting an optimization within HyperWorks for the first time would want to know, such as guidance, meaning, and uses for different tools mentioned throughout the guide. In addition, the benefits and drawback of structural optimization are covered. This guide is not meant to replace a basic understanding of navigation within HyperWorks and requires a respectable amount of computer and engineering acumen. The guide seeks to define exactly how to initiate an optimization and why. Lastly, the guide will reveal in depth the justifications of beam member placement during topology optimization of the fuselage and a supplementary free-sizing optimization for possible future use by the next senior design team.

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