Trevor Stull

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Honors Thesis


Before many construction projects, there is no human influence on the land. There is more vegetation in pre-developed land that acts like a filter, absorbing many chemicals in stormwater runoffs. Vegetation cover also leads to lower flows for stormwater runoff. The development of land decreases the vegetation cover by introducing impervious layer, such as concrete. The increase in impervious layers decreases the amount of runoff that can be absorbed naturally by the ecosystem, leading to more stormwater runoff. Furthermore, development leads to an increase in exposure to manmade chemicals. Thus, development leads to more intense exposure to harmful chemicals that the ecosystem cannot handle. My honors project will address the problem of contaminated stormwater runoff by analyzing the effectiveness of different water quality management techniques and practices. My honors project will also include a discussion of the governing design criteria for water quality management. Furthermore, my honors project will include a discussion of several hydraulic structures and systems that aid in improving the water quality of stormwater runoff. Finally, recommendations for a water quality management system will be made for the site of my senior project.

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