Nawal Joulani

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Honors Thesis


Body image is a huge topic in our society, and while people are being encouraged to “love their bodies,” it would also be reassuring if they were able to understand the science of their body and just how much ones’ body composition does affect their health. One way to measure someone’s fitness level, more accurately known as their cardiorespiratory fitness, is by calculating their maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 Max ). To further understand the extent to which one’s body composition effects their fitness levels, 10 collegiate students were placed in a Bodpod to measure their body composition in terms of body fat percentage (% BF) and fat-free mass percentage (FFM%). Following that, a maximal exercise test was conducted to calculate their VO2 max values that are an indication of cardiovascular fitness levels. The values of body composition and VO2max values were analyzed to find any correlation between the two components. The ANOVA between groups was done to find no significant difference in the VO2 max values of those with a BMI lower and higher than 25.

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