Chidalu Mozie

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Honors Thesis


Defects in the interventricular septum are the most common congenital cardiac defect in infants. The pressure difference between the two ventricles causes increased blood flow to the right ventricle, which leads to septal deformation. Given the difficulty of imaging the interior of the intact heart, the mechanics of this interventricular septal deformation has not been determined in situ. My project entails the creation a motorcontrolled pressurization system to deform the neonatal porcine left ventricle for the characterization of the interventricular septal mechanical properties. The pressurization system comprises of a motor controlled piston pump, run by a personalized LabVIEW program that deformed the left ventricle at varying pressures. The corresponding displacement of the septum was characterized by tracking septal marker movement, calculating the equivalent biaxial strains (εX And εY) and areal strain (εareal) using MATLAB, and plotting data curves of pressure vs εareal, pressure vs. εX , and pressure vs. εY.

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