Chère Mason

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Honors Thesis


The main problem: Employees are terminated/dismissed from their employers because of what they post or have posted on social media accounts. This thesis analyzes the reasons why people have lost their job through the inappropriate use of social media and the advantages and disadvantages of social media use. Social media is widely used not only by individuals, but also by major corporations in order to promote the products and services they deliver. Currently, there are plenty of articles on the internet that show and tell reasons why people were fired from their jobs and the social media policies and/or company laws they broke. There are a number of reasons of why occurrences like these happen, and I plan to analyze what they consist of. This thesis is separated into two major segments: Facebook and Twitter, with inappropriate postings associated with each that resulted in people getting fired. My research concludes that violations of employer policies, misconduct, and inappropriate social media use are all factors that could contribute to someone’s termination. As a result, the consequences include termination, resignation, damaged reputation, and a possible reduction of future employment possibilities.

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