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Research has focused primarily on identifying the adjustments and stressors Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) experience in foreign health care environments, with emphasis being placed on the effects of these adjustments on patient care. However, little has been discussed about measures that can be taken to facilitate the successful integration and possible eradication of these issues for IENs in the American system. It is imperative that we aid Nigerian nurses with transition and integration to ensure quality of patient care and job satisfaction. This study aims to identify approaches that can be taken to help aid the incorporation of Nigerian nurses into the American healthcare setting. With a total of 30 participants, data was collected via an online survey. From findings, after attending orientation/transitional program, participants (90.91%) felt competent to provide safe patient care, 85.71% felt comfortable using hospital technological equipment, and 77.27% felt comfortable communicating with patients and medical staff. Results indicate that most of the professional adjustment needs of Nigerian nurses are being met after attending orientation. However, their cultural needs are not being addressed efficiently. Further research should focus on how culture sensitive mentorship programs developed for internationally educated nurses would impact the nursing practice of both the mentee and mentor.

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