Abira Syed

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Honors Thesis


The Audiology Department at Cook Children’s Rehabilitation Services has an internal monthly auditing process that is skewing compliance rates. Since the selection of the patient charts for the audits are chosen subjectively, the audits have been discovered to be inaccurate and defeating the purpose of randomized audits. The objective of this project is to aid in the development of an accurate auditing system that brings value to the stakeholders at Cook Children’s. To accomplish the given task, the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) methodology will be used. DMAIC is a methodology utilized to solve business problems and ensures to effectively execute and implement the desired solution. After analyzing the current process, gathering the Voice of the Customer (VOC) from stakeholders, and collecting time studies, the results show the audiologist needs proper randomization of auditing patient charts and a larger sample size of patient charts to conduct monthly audits.

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