Michael Perez

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Honors Thesis


The purpose of this study was to analyze aspects of brainstorming and qualities of final ideas that affect the perceived novelty and enjoyment of generated ideas. In this study, participants were instructed to generate ideas for a new sport and post them on an online message board. They then met (on Skype) with other members of a 4-person group to select and elaborate a single, final sport idea. Three coders rated the final sports ideas for feasibility, perceived enjoyment, and aggressiveness. A linguistic analysis of the final sports ideas was also conducted. The message board activity was analyzed by counting the number of ideas posted and the number of replies to those ideas. Gender of the individual who proposed the accepted final sports idea was also identified. Results indicated that feasibility and novelty were negatively related. Perceived novelty was related to the number of replies in the groups but was unrelated to the gender of the individual who proposed the idea. Male ideas were not selected more than female ideas. Perceived enjoyment was positively related to aggressiveness and to the number of ideas posted within the group, but was negatively correlated with idea feasibility.

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