Jennifer Davis

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Honors Thesis


Several studies have shown that the mentoring of nurses in the healthcare setting is beneficial for involved nurses. Yet there is little research considering what mentoring characteristics nurses need to help them reach their goals. The purpose of this study was to determine characteristics of a mentor that are important to nurses in a healthcare setting and if age, gender, ethnicity, nursing position, and mentoring experience have an influence on preferred mentoring characteristics. This descriptive study used quota sampling and an electronic survey to collect responses. A statistically significant difference between genders was noted related to the characteristics of “Caring” (p=0.002) and “Listens” (p=0.008). In regards to nursing position, a statistically significant difference was noted for the characteristic of “Competent” (p=0.03) and a nearly significant difference related to the characteristic of “Listens” (p=0.06). There were no differences in preferred mentor characteristics according to age, ethnicity, or mentor experience of the participant.

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