Kaustubh Shinde

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Honors Thesis


Many daily functions require involvement of the flexor musculature of the forearms and hands; i.e., the muscles that produce grip strength. Grip strength is commonly used as a measure to track general wellness, disease progression, and the effects of therapeutic interventions. Most dynamometers simply show grip force generated on a display and lack data capture ability. As part of a more comprehensive, self-administered, web-based human performance measurement capability, a grip strength module is being developed and was the focus of a spring 2016 electrical engineering senior design project. This project focuses on the performance evaluation of that system, which incorporates a self-contained handheld grip force sensor device interfaced wirelessly via Bluetooth to a local PC. The PC serves as a web-based client to a remote server, containing a database to store results. A thorough performance evaluation of the system was designed and partially executed. Portions of the evaluation remain in progress. When fully developed, the system is intended to allow users to self-administered tests at home periodically, have results stored in a central database, and have a remotely located clinician review results as required.

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