Wendy Hurtado

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Honors Thesis


Gaps within an urban fabric both detach and isolate communities. These spaces, deprived of human activity, continue to increase throughout cities. In general, cities must take action to lower the number of vacant spaces, not simply because of the negative effects they take on their neighbors, but for the excessive expenses they create. Interventions within these gaps are of great benefit to their surroundings, creating a social impact and helping decrease the number of vacant spaces. My project focused in the city of Fort Worth and its current underutilized resources, either vacant spaces or abandoned buildings, that attract crime and trash, and more importantly isolate communities. Analysis was also done to investigate the number of vacant spaces, their locations and surroundings in the city. My final intervention, affordable housing, was determined according to its surroundings and the idea for it to serve as a future prototype for any location.

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