Jasmine Lucero

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Honors Thesis


Airbus Helicopter is a global company with European roots located in Grand Prairie, TX. They customize helicopters for private customers, such as tourism agencies, law enforcement, and hospitals, as well as assemble the helicopters, install the blades and perform test flights. With the large number of customers they serve, there is a need to decrease the cycle time for the blade installation process and make it safer and more efficient. One way to target this problem is by relocating blade storage or designing an external blade storage. Another way is to redesign Airbus’s blade installation cell into a portable station that will accommodate five common helicopters and uphold the safety and comfort of the employees in charge of installation. The DMAIC approach as well as other Six Sigma and decision analysis tools were used to help present a feasible solution by April 2016 that Airbus can implement and, if successful, expand to other locations.

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