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Previous research has emphasized the importance of incorporating core stability so the trunk and limbs can efficiently generate, transfer, and control forces of energy produced by from athletic activities. Because of the hip/spine interaction within the human body, a link between hip range of motion restrictions and core muscle weakness has been hypothesized. The primary purpose of this study is to assess the acute effects of three different short term therapeutic intervention programs on hip range of motion, core stability, and functional movement in patients with hip range of motion restrictions and altered neuromuscular control of their core muscles. Fourteen healthy UTA students volunteered for the study. They were randomized into one of three therapeutic intervention groups: Myofascial release; motor control and strengthening; or combination of release and exercises. Therapeutic interventions were 2 weeks with 6 total visits. Subjects were evaluated for the span of 6 weeks with pre-test during week 1, therapeutic interventions during weeks 2 and 3, post-test during week 4, and a residual post test during week 6. There were no significant therapeutic intervention group differences for the change scores from post to baseline (p>0.05) but at the end of the two-week intervention program, physical improvements were demonstrated across all intervention groups because change scores from post to baseline were positive, indicating an improvement in hip range of motion, core strength, and functional movement. Across all intervention groups change scores from residual to post demonstrated no physical improvements or regression towards baseline values after two weeks of not completing therapeutic exercises (p>0.05). Stretching and core interventions separately or combined do improve measures of hip range of motion, core strength, functional movement, and self-reported outcome measures after 6 visits. However, type of intervention did not influence the amount of change seen in measured variables. Six treatments were enough to see acute effects but were not enough for maintenance of gains.

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